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Realtor Bio

 Rabi Aboulhosn

 Residential | Commercial | Real Estate
 Multi-Family Investment Specialist  
  (310) 606-0101



Rabi Aboulhosn has extensive background in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. He maintains over 10 years of Residential, Multifamily, Industrial and Commercial sales experience, with particular expertise  in Residential, Multifamily and Industrial sector as well as recognizing the dynamics of mortgage real estate. 


Rabi works with motivated buyers and sellers, overseas clients and investors.
Throughout his years in Real Estate he was honored with the Award of Excellence in Sales and Business transactions. He maintains a positive sales environment by guiding potential buyers and sellers on the market conditions and services when necessary. 


Rabi understands the importance of knowing how to overcome objections and challenges. He demonstrates expert communication and negotiation skills. His business is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, Integrity and Trust, While embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all his client's needs, with a straightforward approach of communicating facts and offering options that will empower you to make sound educated decisions regarding the anatomy of real estate.